Every Second is of Infinite Value.

We provide business owners with a customized platform to simplify, promote, and help their business grow.

Attract new customers, retain existing ones, and boost productivity

Booking can be frustrating at times. Would require customers to call, ask and wait in line. It can distract businesses from focusing on delivering a great service. Scheddoo is your personalized solution to marketing, booking, client management and much more.

Seamless Booking

We automate the booking process. Allowing customers to book your services 24/7 through our highly integrated platform.

Improve Retention

Score better reviews, offer promotions, loyalty programs and make it easy for your customers to find you and keep connected.

Boost Productivity

We work with businesses one on one to design a customized system for reducing manual labour through automation. Providing a system tailored to your shop.

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Every Second is of Infinite Value.

A customized solution to help your business grow.